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23% of ad-supported OTT service users say they often click on ads or purchase items in those ads

Parks Associates research finds nearly one in four users (23%) of ad-supported OTT services said they often click on ads that they watch and the same percentage (23%) often buy things they see advertised. The research report Ad-Based OTT: Growth in FAST and AVOD Services explores factors driving the growth of ad-based online video, profiles and compares market leaders, and assesses consumer preferences in watching ad-based content.

Parks Associates will highlight its research in video services and consumer viewing habits at its upcoming Future of Video, December 12-14 at the Marina Del Ray Hotel in Marina Del Ray, Ca. The event features keynotes from these industry leaders:

  • Domenic DiMeglio, Chief Marketing Officer, Paramount Streaming
  • Nandhu Nandhakumar, Senior Vice President, Office of the CTO, LG Electronics
  • Katherine Pond, Group Vice President, Platform Content and Partnerships, VIZIO
  • Daniel Rausch, Vice President, Entertainment Devices & Services, Amazon

“Now, 37 million US internet households use at least one advertising-based OTT streaming service,” said Alan Bullock, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates. “Hybrid models, especially when AVOD or FAST are included, enable quick customer acquisition and a ‘try before you buy’ experience with the content offering. Advertisers can reach many people, and consumers can get a lot of free content.”

Ad-based services are benefiting from the current uncertain economic climate. Inflation and fears of recession are causing consumers to evaluate discretionary spending, and switching from legacy pay-TV or subscription-based streaming services is a means of cutting costs.

“As consumers continue to move away from traditional pay-TV services, they will first seek out ways to watch the content they want in ways they are accustomed to—a relaxed, lean-back experience,” Bullock said. “Even so, ad-supported streaming services should strive to be more than simply traditional TV on the internet. This is a time for thoughtful data-justified innovation, building a better experience than the living room TV of the past could ever offer.” BCS Bureau

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