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2023 recap: 7 trends in media monetization for publishers, broadcasters

As the year winds down, reflecting on pivotal trends shaping the digital publishing landscape is imperative for content and publisher partners. This year marks industry resilience and innovation, notably in revenue strategies. From adapting sans third-party cookies to the surge of Connected TV (CTV), these trends not only influence the present but pave the path for the future.

Understanding crucial trends:
Brand Safety Dominance: Upholding quality journalism aligns with brand safety, vital for a credible platform. Publishers expect a 40% rise in brand safety concerns, emphasizing their role in fostering a safe advertising environment.

Sustainability in Advertising: Consumers favor eco-friendly practices, leading to a demand for sustainable advertising. Partnerships with sustainable organizations and carbon footprint monitoring are key.

Subscription Models & User Experience: Balancing revenue and user experience is crucial. Successful subscriber engagement models significantly impact advertising revenue.

Cookie-Less Transition: Third-party cookie phasing demands reliance on first-party data and contextual ads. Preparedness is critical for seamless advertising effectiveness in 2024.

Navigating Algorithm Changes: Publishers tackle reduced inventory due to platform algorithm changes. Focusing on quality content is vital, especially amid calls for fairer revenue-sharing models.

Interactive Content Surge: Demand for engaging video and interactive content spikes. Partnerships for effective content delivery enhance user experience and data collection without cookie reliance.

CTV Monetization: CTV’s exponential growth necessitates balancing monetization strategies. Choosing appropriate supply partners is key for targeted and relevant ad delivery.

Looking forward:
2023 shapes the industry foundation with lessons in brand safety, sustainability, and a cookie-less future. Adapting to these trends, foreseeing future landscapes, and strategic partnerships are pivotal for navigating 2024’s digital challenges.

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