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What is the best overall streaming service?

Of all the streaming services we tested, Netflix was our favorite. Why? It has a reliable, user-friendly interface, a range of features and a diverse, ever-changing catalog. It consistently adds new originals from around the world, and you even have the ability to find titles using secret codes. The addition of an ad-based tier makes it even more affordable compared with rivals Disney Plus and Max. Other high-quality streaming services are available, so even though Netflix is currently our first choice, it may not align with your budget or preferences.

Streaming services have undergone major changes in the past three years alone. With our extensive best list, which includes Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Max, we can help you select which platforms are right for you. You may also want to go through our lineup of the best live TV streaming services. We’ve reviewed each of these streaming services individually and assigned numeric ratings based on catalogs; app design and features; and overall value. Some judgments are based on our personal tastes for content, so note that if you love a specific show or style of show, you may have a different favorite.

Best streaming services of 2023
There’s a reason why Netflix has become shorthand for streaming in general. The former movie rental service evolved into the top-tier streaming app that’s a must-have in 2023, even if you’re paying extra to share your password. When big originals like The Witcher or Stranger Things drop, they grab the attention of millions of viewers along with critical praise and awards, giving us the closest thing we have to water cooler conversations these days.

The streamer offers a wide variety of familiar network shows and more original series, films, documentaries and specials than any of its competitors. New shows and movies arrive each week. And the company doesn’t mind catering to different tastes with gaming options and categories for kids, anime and foreign language titles from all over the globe.

Starting at $7 a month for an ad-supported account and $15.50 monthly for the standard ad-free plan, its price is in the middle of the TV service pack. While the premium option gives you 4K content and four screens, both standard plans — with or without ads — include HD and two simultaneous streams. But for the variety you get, it’s still a top pick.


  • Simple interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Solid recommendation system
  • Abundant catalog of licensed movies, shows and originals including Stranger Things, Wednesday


  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Fee for extra members


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