TRAI’s Well-Intentioned Plan Backfires?

TRAI’s new rules for DTH and Cable TV kicked in on 1 February 2019. While TRAI had intentioned to transfer the power to consumers and reduce the TV bill for the millions of TV consumers, the early reactions to the new regime do not look fulfilling. In fact, Twitter claimed that their monthly bill soared instead of coming down.

What didn’t work for the customers?

Several consumers complain that their TV bill has gone up after TRAI’s new plan became effective. Amber Nagpal‏ tweeted, “@TRAI @MIB_India I have to pay ₹416 for the same plan which was previously @ ₹320.”

This may have happened because of the individual channel pricing system. For the consumers who choose only pay channels, earlier, the channels were part of a combo plan, without individual pricing.

Also, some of the customers also pointed out their service providers’ inefficiency to adapt to the new system. They assert that the free-to-air channels are also being priced by a certain DTH operator. While some of the service providers have complied with TRAI’s rulings, a few are yet to adopt it.

TRAI had earlier asked the operators to honor the commitment to existing plans. Going by this, those who had long-term subscriptions should have enjoyed uninterrupted service to their subscriptions. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Harshil Soni, a Twitter user said, “@officiald2h You guys never missed to deliver these unwanted SMS. But not ready to restore d2h connection in spite of having an action plan as per @TRAI norms. And customer care people just putting calls on hold.”

The complicated TRAI rules are also proving to be a menace. The new inclusions such as network capacity fees, different slabs for extra channels etc were meant to give structure to the plan. However, this added to the already prevalent confusions. Many subscribers still struggle to understand TRAI’s complicated mandate. Moreover, last day rush to switch to the new plan caused a heavy slow-down to the website servers.

Twitter tells the tale

Twitter reactions to the new system are largely negative. One user tweeted: “No use .. just a waste…
It’s almost about 350 for just 26 channels.. the networking fee? what’s this? Plus it’s charged extra on selected channels.

Dinesh Kumar Talan‏ said, “My balance was @ 4100 before choosing, Now left 1223/-. How come this deduction happened?? Please clarify.”

Another user said, “Dear @DishTV_India u guys have changed my pack, and now its cost 550 a month earlier it was 366, is it some kind of punishment on #Budget day.”

A user by the twitter handle @Cm said “Videocon D2h is misleading customer and making fun of TRAI rules, as they have added useless channel to basic service tier and all 100 channel as designed by them are mandatory, more no final pricing is to seen in total but d2h is forcing us to take their plan.”

Rohit Kumar, another frustrated subscriber, echoed the problem. He tweeted, “Hey @TRAI  @officiald2h forcing me to take 100 useless channel under basic tier package. Not able to remove useless channels from 100 channel list! That’s against TRAI new rules!”―Financial Express

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