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The Future of Podcasts

Podcast has created a new world to communication and media. In just the last few years, podcasts have been gaining popularity fast. One of the biggest reasons has been the shift to mobile; consumers are moving away from desktops and using mobile devices more often.

Even search engines are changing their algorithms to give mobile the priority, making it more important than ever for businesses to focus on optimizing for mobile platforms. As people rely more heavily on mobile devices, it has become easier than ever to access, download, and listen to podcasts whenever, wherever.

Another factor fueling the popularity of podcasts is people’s lack of time. It seems that we are busier than ever, and that fact has made it more difficult to sit down, read a book, or even watch a TV show without distraction. People want to multitask and get as much done as possible, and podcasts make it easy to listen during a commute, on a run, while getting housework done, etc.

Not only is it easier for people to find and access podcasts, but it is also easier than ever to produce podcasts. The equipment needed for high-quality broadcasts is widely available and more affordable than ever. It is also easier to find a popular website to host your podcast.

Podcasts are changing marketing in India
The main focus when it comes to marketing is content. Content is king is a common phrase you will hear tossed around the industry, and although these words may be cliché at this point, they still hold a lot of truth. In an effort to produce as much quality content as possible, many businesses have established blogs where they can regularly post written content, but podcasts are changing that.

As communication becomes more content-centric, podcasts are set to become the next big thing. By 2020, the global podcast industry is projected to reach USD 20 billion. While the U.S. is currently the most advanced podcast market, the medium is becoming increasingly popular in other countries too, including India.

Though in its nascent stages, podcasts are gradually gaining momentum in the country as audiences increasingly seek content that is diversified, insightful, entertaining, and can be consumed as they multitask or are on the go. Podcasts, therefore, have huge growth potential in the country, supplemented by factors such as increasing digital penetration, the cost-effectiveness of smart mobile devices, content diversity, and an overwhelming amount of commute time.

On the contrary, podcasts are quite native to Indian audiences, and can be created by anyone who has good oratory skills and good knowledge about their topic. Podcasts are thus emerging as a flourishing platform to showcase the talent and to reach out to audiences among Indians. With growing popularity of independent singers and comedians, podcasting gives them reach to billions to showcase their talent.

Podcasts help brands to grow
Podcasts also help to build brand recognition, authority, and trust among consumers. With so many people listening, they offer a great opportunity for conversations related to specific industries and, in this context, they build credibility in the podcaster’s niche. Further, they get the word out about the podcaster’s brand to listeners who may have never heard of it before. For the next three to five years, like the new ground floor of podcasting. There are a billion listeners and that is supposed to triple in the next few years. Although a podcast may not be a good fit for every industry, most niches can seriously benefit from producing a regular podcast. If your niche is one of them, here is what you need to do to start podcasting as part of your marketing strategy.

Podcasting is quickly entering the world of business and becoming a popular marketing strategy, not only because of its popularity among consumers but also because it is so easy to create podcasts to broadcast accessible content for your target audience.

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