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Telesat announces results of 2023 annual meeting of shareholders

Telesat , one of the world’s largest and most innovative satellite operators, announced the voting results from its annual meeting of shareholders held on June 22, 2023 virtually via live audio webcast.

Shareholders of Telesat voted in favour of all items of business, including the election of each of the director nominees as follows:

Votes For Votes  Withheld
The election of the following Directors:
(a) Michael Boychuk 47,867,896 5,391,705
(b) Jason A. Caloras 47,276,773 5,982,828
(c) Jane Craighead 47,769,059 5,490,542
(d) Richard Fadden 47,833,286 5,426,315
(e) Daniel S. Goldberg 49,964,972 3,294,629
(f) Henry (Hank) Intven 47,822,140 5,437,461
(g) David Morin 47,276,873 5,982,728
(h) Dr. Mark H. Rachesky 47,080,309 6,179,292
(i) Guthrie Stewart 47,217,560 6,042,041
(j) Michael B Targoff 47,182,612 6,076,989

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