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With fast changes in the field of technology, modes how technology entertain us are also changing with great speed. This is the era of entertainment everywhere; people are not searching for entertainment, but entertainment is searching for people to entertain.


We have different modes of entertainment available with us like a TV with a set-top box (STB) installed, laptops, mobiles, and among them, mobile in the form of entertainment moves with us everywhere and is readily available to kill our hunger for entertainment. It serves all our needs to fulfill each type of entertainment like movies, songs, chatting, gaming, short videos, news, voice calls, and more. Our mobiles are loaded with over-the-top (OTT) apps to fulfill all our needs for entertainment.

Thus, we can say this is the era of entertainment with OTT, i.e., do not wait, do not think, do not plan, just go and consume as per your taste.

OTT refers to delivering content to the end-user, in which the ISP simply transports IP packets – OTT is video, audio, and other media content delivered over the internet. The internet service provider (ISP) may be aware of the contents of the internet protocol (IP) packets, but is not responsible for, nor able to control, the viewing abilities and other redistribution of the content. This model differs from pay-television, video-on-demand, and from internet protocol television (IPTV).

OTT services are consumed using a service provider’s network, which are absolutely dominating at both the enterprise and consumer level. The number of global subscribers for these services is increasing rapidly and this requires a lot more bandwidth to keep up with consumer demand.

OTT architecture can be considered dish/dishes receiving the signal from a satellite, which does to IRDs and decoders; these IRDs are tuned for different frequencies to provide different multicast IPs. Then multicast IPs go into the switch. Likewise, the decoder provides a composite signal, which further goes to the encoder. Thus, the encoder encodes the signal and provides different multicast IPs. These multicast IPs further go to the switch from the encoder as IP input. The output reaches the transcoder from the switch. The transcoder transcodes the signal as per requirement of different devices and provides the IP output, which goes over internet. The transcoded signal is encrypted by an encryption device and the encrypted content goes into the CDN (content distribution network) points, and the content is fetched from the CDN point.

Every technology has some benefits as well as drawbacks and multiple-device support is the biggest benefit of OTT. A lot of OTT apps let you enjoy content on a wide range of devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets and STBs. Need of lot of data can be considered as one of the drawbacks of OTT technology. Addiction to OTT apps and devices is another drawback in the long term.

The whole reason OTT is buzzword of the industry these days is because hardware and content providers, regulators, and other interested parties have competing interests in this area, and all are pushing themselves to the best position. The technological advancements consistently provide users more choice in programming and content. Many existing players are continuing to roll out new OTT services, while more players in the OTT space are emerging in hopes of gaining market share. All this is resulting in a massive demand for data and bandwidth speeds.

With more demand for data and bandwidth speed, it is further developing business opportunities for the ISPs, and as a result of it, many small and big business houses are eyeing the field of internet services distribution. Some players are keen in providing end-to-end services that is OTT as well as internet services, and some are further interested in content creation/production with OTT services and internet services.

Hence, enjoy technology entertaining us in this era of entertainment everywhere.

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