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Taliban bans broadcast of foreign TV shows, films

Ever since their ruthless takeover of Afghanistan on August 15 last year, the Taliban has been mounting infamous rules upon hapless civilians in the war-torn country. In the latest development concerning the Taliban’s harsh impositions upon Afghans, the extremists have now banned the broadcast of Television series from other countries in Afghanistan, ANI reported, citing Sputnik. A source who attended the meeting of Afghan broadcasters recently informed that the Taliban has asked to halt airing any foreign series on TV.

Taliban bans broadcast of foreign TV series
According to the source who attended the meeting of Afghan broadcasters, the Taliban has stated that they will not entertain any reason for violating the ban. The source further revealed that Afghanistan has no film industry and they do not produce any indigenous shows or movies which can be broadcasted replacing foreign ones. According to the source, discontinuing TV series or films from foreign nations will lead to people stopping watching TV altogether. The source said, “There is no film industry in Afghanistan, and there are no shows or movies that can replace the foreign ones. This restriction means people have to turn off the TV set,” according to Sputnik report.

Earlier in December last year, the Taliban had announced a ban on broadcasting foreign TV series that violated Sharia law, ANI cited a media report. According to the new law, Afghan media were not allowed to telecast foreign TV series that violated Sharia law which featured songs and women sans hijabs. The Taliban’s cultural commission did not permit the broadcast of advertisements that portrayed women donning trendy attire. As per the report, media outlets had been asked to show “balanced news” based on sources and not rumours. Furthermore, the authorities had reportedly informed foreign media that was broadcasting on Afghanistan to follow the rules of the country. The Taliban authorities even asked female journalists to follow a dress code. Moreover, the TV stations were asked to not broadcast soap operas that feature women. em>Republic World

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