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Streaming jumped 24% in June to capture one-third of overall TV viewing, broadcast and cable sank to record low share

Streaming made up more than one-third of total TV viewing in June, according to Nielsen’s latest monthly snapshot, The Gauge.

Accounting for almost 34% of overall viewership, streaming upped its share by six percentage points over the same month in 2021. Cable TV, meanwhile, slumped by five percentage points year-over-year. Even though summer months traditionally see lighter viewing of broadcast and cable television, Nielsen noted that broadcast’s slice of the pie (22.4%) and cable’s (35.1%) represented the smallest shares they have ever recorded.

Total time spent watching TV in June went up by 2% from May, while time spent streaming jumped 23.5% on a year-over-year basis. A number of major streaming services of achieved record shares of viewing during the month. (Netflix got ahead of Nielsen’s numbers by revealing its 7.7% share during the company’s second-quarter earnings.) Prime Video, Disney+ and YouTube also hit all-time highs. düzce escort

Compared to June 2021, Nielsen said, Prime Video rose +31.9%, Disney+ was up 22% and Netflix gained 18.1%.

New Netflix programming like Stranger Things Season 4, The Lincoln Lawyer and Adam Sandler movie Hustle helped the subscription service register a 16.3% year-over-year increase in minutes viewed.

The end of the traditional broadcast TV season in May led to a 6.7% drop in time spent watching broadcast in June on a month-to-month basis. Broadcast continues to shrink overall, falling 3.9% compared with June 2021.

Brian Fuhrer, SVP of product strategy and thought leadership at Nielsen, described the monthly performance by streaming services as an “extraordinary breakout” in a video accompanying Nielsen’s blog post about the June trends. Viewers, he said, are “disproportionately using non-traditional television because that’s where the content is flowing in,” though he also noted that the fall return of broadcast originals as well as college and NFL football are apt to stem the tide.

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