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GreenMachine – Something Wonderful

The greenMachine approach is unique. The hardware itself is a powerful general purpose audio and video processing appliance that is custom configured using a selection of APPs, which are purchased and downloaded from the greenStore™.

Not limited to one APP per greenMachine, APPs can be mixed, matched, and combined to custom build the desired functionality and workflow in each individual processing channel.

This is an extremely powerful hardware design, which uses the latest high speed programmable Xilinx technology as well as dual ARM processors, a technology solution ready for today and future with a flexible APP driven architecture.

Hilo Version 8 Analog

Choose APPs from continually growing portfolio of greenStore. Mix, match, and combine APPs to build the precise functionality needed. APPs are the building blocks of a greenMachine and can function independently or together – seamlessly.

Simple drag-and-drop for APPs, interactive zooming for real-time monitoring and discovery, and many more immersive tools. Design your own system-wide virtual control surfaces and even deploy your greenMachine systems to iPads for wireless monitoring and control.

Hilo Version 8 Firmware

Hilo Version 8 Routing

New firmware for the acclaimed Hilo converter further adds to its rich feature set and increases its usefulness as an indispensable audio tool. Multiple new features and an improved graphic interface are all part of this free upgrade for Hilo owners.

New features included in firmware version 8 include:

  • All new, completely redesigned graphic user interface (GUI) design and logical menu layout
  • All new, full function monitor controller added
  • New master output volume to preserve the relative levels of each of the outputs
  • New analog-style, horizontal digital and RTA-style meter designs
  • Four factory preset scenes with four additional user-definable scenes for faster and easier setups
  • Dim added to the routing page
  • Output solo added to the routine
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