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  • The Connected Culture

    The Connected Culture

    Excitement certainly did the rounds during this year’s ICC World Cup! As per reports, the ICC World Cup semi-final clash between India and New Zealand set a new world record…Read More

  • Regionally Rounded

    Regionally Rounded

    The world is becoming one big global village, where individuals are fast overcoming language barriers. But there are some things that are best communicated in one’s mother tongue. Perhaps the…Read More

  • The Impact Of HEVC On Live Broadcasting

    The Impact Of HEVC On Live Broadcasting

    HEVC technology has undoubtedly had a huge impact on global newsgathering and live sports coverage. The availability of hardware-based HEVC encoding solutions has enabled flawless live coverage at a fraction…Read More

  • Multi-Screen Streaming Technology

    Multi-Screen Streaming Technology

    Linear TV or traditional TV (big screen) is an older and past thing now. Consumers do not fear missing their favorite shows anymore as they can now watch them anywhere…Read More

  • DAB+ Digital Radio

    DAB+ Digital Radio

    Digital radio is the technology in which sound is processed and transmitted as a stream of binary digits. In case of AM/FM broadcast, the radio quality suffers from interference caused…Read More

  • OTT Trends That Lead The Way in 2019

    OTT Trends That Lead The Way in 2019

    To say that OTT technologies have disrupted the Indian entertainment landscape would be making a major understatement. Subscription-based on-demand OTT platforms like Netflix, nexGTv, Alt, Eros Now, and Amazon Prime…Read More

  • Technology Trends In TV Production

    Technology Trends In TV Production

    Television, the so-called idiot box has gone through a drastic transformation from the date of its birth. Firstly, we have to know few things about television. Broadcasting is the distribution…Read More

  • Transition From HD To 4K UHD

    Transition From HD To 4K UHD

    Although the majority of live television broadcasts remain in HD or even in SD, 4K screens are beginning to outsell HD displays. There is now a growing demand to differentiate…Read More

  • OTT – An Overview

    OTT – An Overview

    Standing at Rs 4,462 crore, India has become the 10th largest OTT market in the world and is projected to have the highest growth in the coming years. The ease…Read More

  • Generation@OTT


    Traditionally you were required to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service in order to watch your favorite series and movies on your TV set-top box at home….Read More

  • Riding The OTT Wave Successfully

    Riding The OTT Wave Successfully

    I belong to the Before-Google (BG) generation, where I had to visit a friend’s home to watch my favourite Sunday movie on television. Today, thanks to over-the-top (OTT), I enjoy…Read More

  • Expectations from the New Government

    Expectations from the New Government

    The digital communications sector in India has several great opportunities as well as a few big challenges before it, and it is earnestly hoped that the new government would address…Read More

  • Surveying the DTV landscape with GatesAir

    Surveying the DTV landscape with GatesAir

    Every continent and region has its unique needs and challenges when it comes to digital TV transmission. However, the Asia-Pacific market, including Southeast Asia, stands apart due to its embrace…Read More

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