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  • Expectations from the New Government

    Expectations from the New Government

    The digital communications sector in India has several great opportunities as well as a few big challenges before it, and it is earnestly hoped that the new government would address…Read More

  • Surveying the DTV landscape with GatesAir

    Surveying the DTV landscape with GatesAir

    Every continent and region has its unique needs and challenges when it comes to digital TV transmission. However, the Asia-Pacific market, including Southeast Asia, stands apart due to its embrace…Read More

  • Content security

    Content security

    When it comes to consumption and circulation of pirated content, there is very limited knowledge about its economic and social impact. There is an urgent need to raise awareness amongst…Read More

  • The Long Shot of Media!

    The Long Shot of Media!

    Now that’s a shot! Is the common lingo of every agent and demon that’s walking on the streets all around us with phones of all kinds – some busy with…Read More

  • Intrinsic Chemistry of DTT

    Intrinsic Chemistry of DTT

    In the spirit of change and choices and long term interest of growing number of local contents, the viewers are at cross roads of broadcasting industry. While there are plenty…Read More

  • The Future of Podcasts

    The Future of Podcasts

    Podcast has created a new world to communication and media. In just the last few years, podcasts have been gaining popularity fast. One of the biggest reasons has been the…Read More

  • Content Rulz!!!

    Content Rulz!!!

    Cable and DTH broadcasting has now emerged into a new track with the development of OTT platforms. This cloud-based technology has twinned both the storage content viewing with VOD options…Read More

  • Is Content Still King?

    Is Content Still King?

    Entertainment industry is going through significant changes as compared to the old model, where modes of entertainment were limited with a limited number of TV channels, where limited choices were…Read More

  • NAS Market Growing at a Rapid Pace

    NAS Market Growing at a Rapid Pace

    Network-attached storage (NAS) market size was estimated at over USD 6 billion in 2019, growing at around 20 percent CAGR from 2018 to 2024. The NAS market is growing at…Read More

  • Radio – The OTT in Audio Space

    Radio – The OTT in Audio Space

    For ages, audio has been the only mode of communication among human beings. Our ancestors did not write or read. In fact except humans, all living beings communicate only through…Read More

  • OTT – The next big thing in India

    OTT – The next big thing in India

    OTT has seen exponential growth in subscriber base in recent years. Much of it can be attributed to the advances in technology, which help bring high-quality content over the internet…Read More

  • Regionalization is The Key to Growth

    Regionalization is The Key to Growth

    At present, the television broadcast industry in India is going through significant changes. With increasing internet access speed and advent of digital streaming platforms, Indian audience now has a whole…Read More

  • OTT Trends for 2019

    OTT Trends for 2019

    With the penetration of high-speed internet, smart devices and content flooding the market, there has been a significant shift in video consumption from linear TV to non-linear streaming service. 2018…Read More

  • The Transition From SDI To IP

    The Transition From SDI To IP

    The IP transition is underway throughout the industry having leveraged the AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions) roadmap to identify and deploy equipment providing with confidence in interoperability. SMPTE has…Read More

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