Rise Of The Live Streamer

Entertainment has taken on a whole new definition in the last decade or so. The way we consume content as well as what we consume is completely different from how things used to be. Streaming has changed the game. Earlier, we had no option but to wait for our favourite shows to come on TV and then sit through ads. Now, our favourite shows and movies are a few taps away. Not only that, but we can also stream our own content for the world to see. Social media platforms have given each and everyone the chance to be celebrities. Thanks to the viral nature of the internet, anyone can be social media stars now.

Smartphones with high-speed mobile internet have played a major role in this shift. While phones have been able to display video for a while, these usually had to be downloaded and manually copied into phones. A cumbersome process to say the least. Thanks to 3G and later 4G, mobile speeds became fast enough for users to start streaming content directly to their smartphones. Upload speeds also reached a point where anyone could start streaming a live feed via the camera on their phones.

Streaming videos to your phone these days is pretty simple and straightforward. In fact, most of us don’t even give it a second thought when we scroll through our social media feeds. But, turn the clock back a few years and it was a really big deal to stream YouTube on your phone without Wi-Fi. Now though, there is no dearth of video streaming platforms. The market is inundated with international as well as domestic streaming services that are vying to offer quality content. In fact, telecom operators like Airtel have partnered with global streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to offer its subscribers free access to these platforms. Under the Airtel Thanks program, all old and new Airtel connections can get free Netflix subscription for 3 months and Amazon Prime subscription for a year with certain plans.―Digit

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