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Qumu video engagement platform launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Qumu Corporation (Nasdaq: QUMU), a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video technology, announced today that the Qumu Video Engagement Platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Qumu’s Video Engagement Platform is a SaaS-based enterprise video platform that helps globally distributed enterprises create, control, deliver, experience and analyze live and asynchronous video at scale, enabling collaboration with employees, customers and partners in more engaging ways.

Joining Google Cloud Marketplace expected to support Qumu’s cloud business
“Launching the Qumu Video Engagement Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace is the logical next step in our history of collaboration with Google Cloud and an important milestone in evolving Qumu into a SaaS enterprise,” said Rose Bentley, Qumu’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Qumu has previously worked with Google Cloud to provide Qumu’s video creation, curation, distribution and analytics tools as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. “By launching the Qumu Video Engagement Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace, we are further aligning Qumu with a trusted cloud leader and positioning Qumu to benefit from the co-marketing activities and insights into end user applications of our platform that being part of Google Cloud uniquely provides,” Bentley added.

Offering combines Google Cloud Marketplace benefits with Qumu’s enterprise video capabilities
“For Google Cloud Marketplace customers, we have an offering that combines the best of Google Cloud’s distinctive cloud capabilities with our enterprise video expertise,” Bentley said. “Customers will be able to quickly deploy new video capabilities, via the friction-free procurement that Google Cloud Marketplace enables. At Qumu, we complement Google Cloud Marketplace benefits by retaining the customer relationship and applying our industry-leading expertise to properly configure our platform to ensure customers derive the optimum value from it.”

Satisfying accelerating demand for enterprise video management capabilities
Enterprise video usage has grown dramatically in the last two-and-a-half years as organizations grew to rely on video for communications across fully remote and hybrid workplaces.

“While pandemic-related constraints on face-to-face communications no doubt accelerated that growth, video is increasingly proving to be an effective and compelling medium for multiple communications needs, including product launches, extending the reach of live events, onboarding and training new employees and customers, and managing issues and crises,” Bentley said. “By making the Qumu Video Engagement Platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace, we are making increasingly valuable enterprise video creation and management capabilities more accessible, affordable and easy to implement. We are grateful for the strong support we received from the Google Cloud team and Google Cloud Partner F33 in expediting the launch of the Qumu Video Engagement Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace.” Business Wire

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