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Oscars exploring streaming options amid dwindling viewership

The Oscars are reportedly exploring streaming choices as dwindling viewership threatens to derail airing the long-running movie awards present.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences CEO Bill Kramer and Academy president Janey Yang have mentioned exploring streaming options for the 2023 Oscars. Also known as the Academy Awards, the ceremony has faced dwindling viewership on ABC in recent years. The Academy has been attempting to revamp the show with live television experts Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirchner set to helm the 95th Oscars and a dedicated team within the Academy solely focused on the awards ceremony and pre-show events.

In line with the Academy’s move to reinvigorate the show, the Oscars may be available to stream in 2023, with Variety reporting Kramer and Yang have discussed “exploring extensions of the show on streaming.” A live-streaming option would definitely require the live television experts the Academy has emphasized hiring this year, as it is unknown territory for the awards show. A live option could also lend more time to better honor craft category winners, which the Academy faced backlash for not announcing live at the ceremony this year. Screen Rant

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