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Oneflix launches app to combine Netflix, HBO, and Disney Plus

Oneflix, a startup looking to solve streaming fatigue, has officially launched today its streaming aggregator platform to allow consumers to use one unified streaming app to browse through Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and many other streaming services.

The explosion of streaming services has been a source of significant frustration for consumers due to the number of streaming apps they have to deal with in order to search, discover, and find something to watch. And Oneflix aims to solve this frustration through its unified platform where people can use one app to browse through content across all the major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock, and Paramount Plus.

“The plethora of content and streaming services is definitely a plus for consumers in terms of how many options they have access to. However, the number of apps that they have to deal with on a daily basis is simply unsustainable,” said Habib Kamara, founder of Oneflix. “A streaming bundle or aggregator was always where the industry was going to end up, so we’re just very excited to be well ahead of everyone in building this technology for consumers.”

But streaming fatigue is not just about how many apps consumers have to deal with. It’s also about the entire cost of paying for streaming in general. And Oneflix is also attempting to solve that problem by aggregating thousands of free content so that people who are simply tired of paying for additional streaming can get access to affordable and free content.

“We hear all the time about how streaming is so much better than traditional TV or cable, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people who switch from traditional TV to streaming do so because they’re looking to save money,” added Habib. “But when you add up all the costs of all the major streaming services, it can actually end up being significantly more expensive than cable or traditional TV, and while there are a couple of smaller free streaming services out there to cater to that market, nobody has really solved the problem of aggregating all the free content in one place for easy access”

Oneflix launched globally and is now available on both iOS and Android. The company said the smart TV apps for Roku, Amazon, and Samsung are in the works and will be released soon. BCS Bureau

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