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News18 India leads 15+HSM market with 14 percent market share in week 35

News18 India is leading the charts in the Hindi TV News space once again. As per the latest BARC data, with a clear majority of 14 percent market share (24 hrs, TG:15+HSM, Week 35’ 2022, All days), the channel has left behind its competitors Aaj Tak that is at 11.8 percent, TV9 Bharatvarsh at 11.4 percent, India TV at 11.1 percent and Republic Bharat at 10.8 percent.

The channel’s market share has risen from 13.7 percent in week 34 to 14 percent in week 35, as per BARC data.

During a part of the prime time slot between 21:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs the channel had an even higher market share of 15.8 percent in week 35. The others in the race after News18 India in the top five channels included Republic Bharat at 15.5 percent, India TV at 14.5 percent, Aaj Tak at 13.1 percent and TV 9 Bharatvarsh at 9.9 percent.

In the English General News category too, the network’s English offering CNN News18 has seen steady growth. As per BARC data, between week 31 and 34, in the all India(U+R), AB15+ market, CNN News18 was at a market share of 29.7 percent followed by a 31.2 percent market share in the following period between week 32 and week 35.

The return of BARC ratings in the news genre after a period of close to two years led to a change in pecking order when it comes to the channels fighting for the top five spots. News18 India has been consistently leading the charts ever since.

In separate interviews with Storyboard18 as part of our Media Mavens series, media investments firms’ chiefs spoke about the return of BARC ratings and the importance of ratings in decision-making.

Amol Dighe, CEO, Investments and Business Development, Madison Media, said, “This (BARC ratings’ return) has been a big relief. It always helps to have the measurement mechanism for decision making… performance of the channel in terms of ratings forms the basis on which decisions on channel selection and spends are made. Then there is reach and affinity which is also critical.”

He added that other factors like “what is the kind of value the channel offers to the brands in terms of special deals, integrations, activation etc, also determine the share of investment the channel gets.”

BARC ratings are “the singular source of TV measurement right now,” said Niti Kumar, COO, Starcom India, in an interview last week. “There is no other way to get the kind of data that BARC gives you and it’s not just for news.”

Kumar shared, “When media planners are evaluating options they need to evaluate a holistic level of growth, across channels, across audiences, markets and so on. Those kinds of cuts don’t come from any other source. It’s a choice between having no ratings and no data source to help drive your investment versus what BARC gives you. I would always pick sides where you at least have the data available.” Money Control

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