Modi Govt. Eyes Shift To Satellite Radio

 The Narendra Modi government is planning to bring clearer, but dearer, satellite radio to India for nationwide and international broadcasts, which are currently heard through short-wave, medium-wave and FM transmissions, and digital live-streaming carried out by the state-owned All India Radio (AIR).

Multiple highly-placed sources in the government told ThePrint that satellite radio is being pegged as an alternative to current radio transmissions, particularly foreign AIR broadcasts, as it will offer ‘clarity and consistent broadcasts’.

Simply put, this means you won’t lose the station you are listening to even when traveling between cities and through remote highways.

The information & broadcasting (I&B) ministry, the sources added, will get in touch with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to examine the feasibility of the shift to satellite radio as well as work out the modalities.

Deliberations on satellite radio follow Prasar Bharati’s decision to phase out the Soviet-era short-wave transmitters of All India Radio (AIR), which carry several global broadcasts to nearly 150 countries, particularly those of strategic importance.

The basic difference between satellite radio and radio as we know it is the location of transmitters: In case of the former, ground-based transmitters beam the content to satellites, which then deliver them to specialized ground-based receivers. As for short-wave, medium-wave and AM/FM radio, the transmitters are all located on the ground.

One of the sources, a senior Prasar Bharati official, said satellite radio will effectively take AIR’s broadcasts to the audience through a constellation of satellites, adding that it will be accessible on the move.

These can be India’s own satellites or hires from other countries, the official added.―Newsdig

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