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Kramer introduces new video wall driver

The What: Kramer is launching the VW-4, a hardware-based video wall driver for video walls within a closed system for increased reliability, security, and near-zero latency. Kramer says the VW-4 delivers perfectly aligned content onto video wall displays of any size, with plug-and-play wired connectivity that once in place requires no adjustments.

The What Else: The VW-4 has one HDMI video input, four HDMI display outputs and has been uniquely designed to support formations from 2 x 2 video walls up to 8 x 8 configurations with 64 displays.

The VW-4’s enhanced scalability means that users no longer need to buy, for example, a 4 x 4 driver to create a 4 x 2 wall, equating to cost savings of up to 80 percent, according to Kramer.

Users can configure the content to their displays using bezel correction technology to ensure that imagery flows across the setup and that no crucial data is lost in the seams. The integrated real-time OS also accommodates HDCP and EDID management.

The Bottom Line: The closed system makes the VW-4 ideal for security conscious and mission critical environments, such as in government buildings, financial applications, and command and control centers, as Kramer says there is no way information can be hacked. The low latency delivers real-time content and, after being configured, the hardware-based solution does not require an IP connection, so the delivery of content is never impacted by any network resets or downtime. AV Network

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