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Supporting Customers in an Evolving Industry

Ross APAC had a successful 2017. Companywide, we have maintained 26 years of continuous growth. We will continue to work with key business partners to offer excellent levels of pre and post-sales support, and we will also continue to look at expansion within our team to better support the region when the opportunity arises. Ensuring a quality level of support will ensure that a customer has a good Ross experience. That is a priority for us.


The SAARC region, especially India, remains an important region for Ross Video in APAC. The vision for Ross Video in the region is to be a leading technology provider and partner for the clients.

We do not just aim at sales revenue in the region, but we also provide solutions to help customers achieve their business goals. We would like to be known as a reliable and trusted vendor that customers can approach for advice.

The main objective for Ross Video in the near future is to provide smart production solutions to the clients in the region. Transformation has been the rallying cry that seems to be trending in the industry. The industry has been more engaged in the conversation about how to take the current state of the business, technology and organization, explode old notions of how to do things, throw out old business models, old operational models, and old technology models and start with a fresh slate. We are unique in the industry, with deep production knowledge and the ability to not just provide technology, but also services and expertise to achieve transformational results for our clients creatively, technically, and operationally – we call this smart production.

Creatively, it is all about audience engagement. Finding new ways to enhance production to sustain and build audiences with the use of tools like augmented reality, virtual sets, social media, data driven graphics, more compelling moving camera shots, and on-set screens is the need of an hour. We can differentiate bad production from a really good production. Visually, the good ones are more pleasing, entertaining, and in return, attract more audience and keep them interested and engaged.

When it comes to making a channel or program look good customers will want to focus on the end product, as in the content; how they want the end product to look. From a technological perspective, there are much ongoing discussions on IP, virtualization, and cloud technologies. Ultimately, the end goal that everyone wants is resource flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

On the business front, the drive is for efficiency. The need is to have the ability to create more efficient processes automate routine tasks and take control over the increasingly complex process of producing, displaying, and distributing video content. In virtually every case, significant efficiencies can be gained by taking a serious look at production workflow processes and modernizing them.

With the want and need to do more, create more compelling content, better audience engagement with social media, send the feeds via different delivery platforms, the question is… where do we start? We all want to do more, but we need to do it better, smarter, and efficiently. Different productions are faced with different challenges and require different needs. However, the drive is always to make them more creative, with the use of technology in the most practical way, and have an overall efficient model or workflow out of it. Regardless of being creative, technical, business front, or all three fronts that a customer is looking at, Ross Video have the product portfolio, solution, expertise, and support infrastructure in the region to make it happen. Our strategy for the region is simple. In order to be in line with our vision, we need to act on the customers’ best interest.


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