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Reimagining Content Operations in the Digital Next Era

Today’s discerning consumer demands compelling and engaging content, on-the-fly and in the moment. How to create immersive content experiences and make them available to consumers where they want it and when they want it at lower costs, is keeping executives awake at night. There is an imminent need for media & entertainment (M&E) enterprises to become hyper digital, bringing together departments, vendors, and distributors across the supply chain under one system. M&E needs to adopt single software for the enterprise. A single MAM should be able to automate the supply chain and manage operations across global sites. Single software should integrate production, distribution, broadcasting, & OTT-related business activities.


Media ERP

A media enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers all the above, and more. It helps M&E enterprises lower their total cost of operations (TCOP) by automating business processes around content. Media ERP provides single system for the enterprise across geographies, departments, and businesses. Powered by hybrid cloud architecture, it is well-suited to manage content workflows across multiple distributed locations. The solution enables internal and external stakeholders to access content anytime, anywhere. Users can perform operations like cataloging and subtitling on a proxy, while operations like editing can be performed on the high-resolution content. The solution’s workflow engine manages distributed workflows for the remote execution of tasks at service recipient sites as well as at a central operations site. Moreover, data is protected with encryption, watermarking, and content disaster recovery. Media ERP can easily be tailored to include broadcast workflows like subtitling/closed captioning, cataloging, transcription, VFX, and online frame-accurate conformation. Here is a glimpse of how adopting media ERP can add tremendous value for M&E enterprises.

Work Order Administration

With media ERP’s work order administration, users can track every single incoming work request across the entire supply chain down to its associated processes, tasks, and deliverables. They can also leverage resource and task assignment modules that enable assignment of manual tasks smartly to internal resources, freelancers, or vendors based on skill, availability, and cost. In addition, the assets required during each stage of work are conveniently available on the same system. With BPM-driven tasks, smart resource allocation, due date-based work order dashboards, in-depth data analytics and reporting, work order administration is a vital ingredient that helps content enterprises improve output quality and maintain on-time delivery alongside increase in scale.

Promo Operations

Media ERP offers new possibilities in automating tasks that were hitherto manual. This includes an innovative solution for promo operations that offers end-to-end business process orchestration for promo creation including versioning automation. It provides end-to-end work order administration, seamless integration with broadcast management software (BMS), review and approval processes, post-production and hand-off for play-out along with a revolutionary versioning appliance that allows rendering promo versions for the creative automatically based on pre-configured versioning templates. The solution helps lower TCOP by reducing the number of edit systems and manpower used for promo versioning, enhances operational efficiencies, and helps achieve faster turnaround time (TAT) through versioning automation.

Playing to Win

With media ERP, M&E enterprises get one MAM system across creative, marketing, and technical operations and software that work across global sites. The solution offers the lowest TCOP than the next best alternative – a whopping 30–40 percent less. Automating the supply chain helps M&E players drive creative enablement, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce cost, and realize new monetization opportunities. With the extent of digitization in M&E only set to increase, media ERP, with its versatility and scalability, fits the bill.


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