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Radio Continues to Play an Important Role

Advances in technology especially digital media have given people more ways to access an increasing amount of information. Local, national, and international updates can be read in the newspaper, listened to on radio, watched on television, and found on cell-phones or online. For those with access to these options, a wealth of information is always readily available. In countries still in major part digital media is an alien concept and illiteracy rates are high, radio continues to play an important role in information sharing.


Radio broadcasts can provide real-time information, broadcasted 24 hours a day to provide the most recent updates and of course entertainment to listeners. Stations have the ability to reach across areas and become a source of infotainment where other mediums are not easily available. When access to the Internet is difficult people can still search the airwaves for good music and updates. Even electricity is not a necessity for battery-operated and hand-cranked radios.

Broadcasting with Local Flavor

In TV and digital media you can only find national or international topics/updates to discuss whereas a good radio channel can capture a local market very easily by providing local flavor to its consumers. Now here local means, local updates, discussion on hot local topics and yes if a radio channel can bring some change with its local content it will be a great success. Also it is very important to serve good local music flavor to consumers because at the end music is the consumers first choice. Many times we feel that a product which is doing a great job in a metro city may also work well in smaller towns but that is not true. Aspiration is something else but talking about sex in a radio show in Mumbai or Delhi is acceptable but may not be equally welcomed in Kanpur or Jammu.

Radio is playing a vital role to bring aspirations and local flavor together in one bucket to provide a perfect entertainment quotient for listeners. Many shows have the same name and same kind of music but to add that local flavor radio stations have local jocks and local music to keep it more closer to a local listener. Foe radio content designer it has become important to understand the local flavors of markets, otherwise it will be difficult for radio stations to compete with the upcoming digital revolution.

Utility in Radio

Imagine a person tune into Radio in the city and he is listening regarding the traffic situation in the city, he is getting information about pollution level or special offers/events happening in city; it is like a complete treat for the listener who wants to know the vibes of the city. In the past many incidents happened when RJs helped listeners in different situations. These things are only possible when a utility tool is used well and on time. Like I said radio is still very very important for listeners; the only need is for better packaging and content.


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