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2018 – A Year of OTT and Cloud-Based Deliveries

Rapid evolution of technology and consumer behavior is driving the metamorphosis of content delivery process across the globe. The transformation is centered around delivering content over the Internet to a never ending chain of mobile devices; this wave of change is acting as a major disruptive force for broadcasters calling for flexibility, cost efficiency, and agility of cloud-based deliveries.


In order to compete with aggressive OTT entrants, established broadcasters are required to adopt the new technology and break the cocoon of traditional broadcasting to bring significant change in their work culture and skillsets, which will enable them to compete with hawkish OTT operators.

There are three major factors which are compelling broadcasters to move to digital platforms.

Demanding consumers. With an entertainment device in every hand, consumer demand is growing on an hourly basis. The demand is not just in the form of numbers but also in the form of diversity of the content and most importantly quality of the content. The smart phone penetration is creating a new milestone every day and along with that it gives rise to a new challenge of catering to an increasingly fragmented and content hungry audience. Catering to this segment of audience will require rapid content delivery mechanisms to create a super highway of entertainment

Time is the essence. Every morning there is new breakthrough in the digital entertainment market which is forcing the broadcasters to cut down the roll out cycle time to match the industry pace. Consumers are demanding content in multiple languages and genres in a very short span of time. This demand from the majority of the audience is too big a market to ignore and is expected to provide more revenue channels for the broadcasters and content creators

The money factor. With investors wanting maximum financial efficiency to be delivered, the broadcasters are pushed to move toward a more lean operation model. Digital platforms are quick to launch and are highly cost-effective which cuts down the operational expenditure to a great extent and provides much needed funds to expand the business further

Planetcast Media Services Limited is looking at 2018 with lot of excitement as it has lined up path breaking services to cater to the needs of broadcasters and content owners. Planetcast will transform its business to a specialized cloud-based services especially for live TV and other content distribution mechanisms along with highly affordable, quick to launch, and easy to manage OTT platform.

Major focus of our company will be on refining cloud-based playout and comprehensive OTT services to enable broadcasters to maximize their reach and expand consumer base. Along with this, Planetcast aims to offer 4K/HD content monetization platforms to provide more revenue streams for broadcasters and content owners.

At Planetcast, we constantly innovate to take the industry forward and will continue to do so by developing our outdoor video and SNG services with VR opportunities and deliver pioneering VR-based services which will provide 360 degrees experience of media consumption to billions of viewers across the globe.

Planetcast will commence operations of its world class post production facility in Mumbai which will be the most advanced cloud enabled post production facility in the country. Planetcast has invested a huge sum in building this facility and it will act as a one stop solution for all post production needs of broadcasters and content creators. Planetcast aims to leverage this facility to become a market leader in providing state-of-the-art post production services to everyone who is looking for professional solutions in this field.


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