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iSpot inks agreement with Conviva to bring network streaming data into cross-screen program and ad measurement platform

iSpot, the real-time TV measurement company, today announced a data and technology collaboration agreement with Conviva, the leading streaming analytics platform. The agreement accelerates the time to market for cross-platform program ratings and will give iSpot the unique ability to deliver a unified ratings product that includes second-by-second, on-screen verification for all programming and advertising across a network footprint in a single platform.

iSpot, which has deals in place with multiple networks for currency testing and deployment, has been working with Conviva since January 2022, when it initially integrated data from Conviva’s internet-scale, census-level streaming pipeline to deliver the industry’s first next-day cross-platform rating that includes every moment of viewing for both programming and ads.

Conviva, which has unique, proprietary sensor-level technology implemented across mobile, tablet, web and smart TV apps, continues to work with iSpot to deliver dynamic first-party, de-duplicated content viewership data into iSpot’s Unified Measurement Platform. Content owners can easily authorize data from all of their streaming platforms and owned and operated web video players and have it delivered to iSpot around the clock.

“Conviva has proven it can deliver clean, accurate and contextualized streaming data at scale,” said Emily Wood, VP of Business Development at “This collaboration makes it easy for all our network partners to authorize their first-party streaming data for use in our currency products and beyond.”

The inclusion of network programming data made available through Conviva’s analytics enables iSpot to deliver complete cross-platform, advertising and program ratings the industry can use to verify person- and household-level viewership trends, establish benchmarks and transact on a P2+, P18 or advanced audience-based currency.

“As a streaming analytics company, we’re committed to enabling our customers and the broader industry to standardize their data and make it actionable in real time — anywhere and everywhere that delivers value for them,” said Marc Goldstein, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Conviva. “The iSpot platform is a natural destination for that data, and demonstrates both companies’ ongoing commitment to speed, quality, accuracy and transparency.”

“iSpot and Conviva’s collaboration has shown how to set a new bar for speed, accuracy and completeness,” noted Kelly Abcarian, EVP for Measurement and Impact, NBCUniversal. “We’re thrilled by the level of partnership for the benefit of the entire industry.” BCS Bureau

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