India Fixed Broadband Speeds Improved The Most In 2018, Says Ookla

While the year 2018 compelled the world to think about privacy and data security, technology saw an upward trend, says the Ookla’s Speed test Intelligence platform. As per the report, the mobile data speeds saw an increase of over 15 percent across the world in 2018 whereas there was a 26 percent increase in the fixed broadband speeds. The data was taken from December 2017 to November 2018 and analyzed the time window when users were online, global internet speeds and the cities which are benefiting the most from high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) on mobile and gigabit speeds on fixed broadband. It was also noted that globally, the internet usage peaked at 9 pm and slowed down after 4 am.

In India, the mobile data speeds matched the growth of the global average, but the big encouragement came with the fact that the fixed-line Internet speeds took a 50 percent jump which is – the highest among the largest countries in the world in terms of population. However, average speeds in India remain nearly half of the global average.

However, Norway was the at the top of the world, literally – leading with mobile Internet speeds with a mean download speed of 63.19 Mbps. While Singapore stayed ahead globally with fixed broadband speeds with a mean download speed of 175.13 Mbps.

Following Norway, Iceland, Qatar, Singapore and the Netherlands wrapped the top five countries with the fastest internet in 2018. Singapore was crowned with the world’s fastest mean download speeds of 175.13 Mbps over fixed broadband and was followed by Iceland, Hong Kong, South Korea and Romania.

According to Ookla’s November Speedtest index, India’s average mobile data speed stood at 111 (9.93 Mbps) while ranked 65 (26.46 Mbps) in average fixed broadband speed.

The world’s average Internet speed for the year was 22.82 Mbps for mobile while it was 46.12 Mbps for fixed broadband.

Mobile Internet Speed

With 30.96 Mbps of Mean Mobile Download Speed and 76.03 Mbps of Mean Fixed Download Speed Mbps, China stayed ahead with an Improvement of 42.5 percent in Fixed Speed.

As for the year, India, despite seeing a 50.4 per cent of improvement from December 2017 to November 2018 in fixed speed, had mean mobile download speeds of 9.11 Mbps with an improvement of 15.2 per cent and a mean fixed download speed of 23 Mbps.

The United States stayed at number three in terms of population with 28.50 Mbps of Mean Mobile Download Speed with 22.3 per cent of Improvement in Mobile Speed. Indonesia and Brazil were fourth and fifth in Mean Mobile Download Speed and Mean Fixed Download Speed, wrapping up the top five populous countries in the world.

A major part of India’s Internet population accesses the internet using their smartphones. As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), only 7 percent of Internet access is provided through fixed-line connections in the country, whereas that average in the world stands around 46 percent.

The Gigabit factor

The Gigabit Internet adoption is still very new in India but in the year 2018 cities such as New Delhi and Chennai witnessed Gigabit rollout. As per the Ookla study, New Delhi saw a humongous 16,908 percent increase in Gigabit results from the previous year while Chennai saw a massive 7481 percent increase.

Ookla revealed that the number of gigabit tests in New Delhi rose from 119 gigabit speed results in 2017 to gigantic 20,239 in 2018, which is a 16,908 percent increase. Chennai in India clocked a 7481 percent increase which rose from 763 to an impressive 57,840.― The Financial Express

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