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Govt’s Digital India Act to hover its hands over OTT, metaverse and social media

The offences that will occur on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Metaverse will fall under the jurisdiction of the Digital India Act (DIA), the future digital regulatory framework of India.

In addition, any violation of the content guidelines of OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, including spreading misinformation or inciting violence, will also be under DIA’s jurisdiction.

The Digital India Act will cover everything digital including social media platforms, OTT platforms, and online applications as well as web3 applications including the metaverse and blockchain.

Regulators are looking at similar internet regulations globally, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and those in Singapore and Australia to develop the India Act. The government has also set up a special committee to look at the regulations from a technological and legal perspective.

The Digital India Act will also monitor content on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to control the spread of misinformation. In this regard, the government will also issue certain “content guidelines” for OTT platforms. The DIA is also expected to be the ultimate authority on content, with the government able to instruct OTT platforms to remove content that violates stated guidelines.

Finally, the Digital India Act will also seek to provide fundamental guidelines for technologies such as Metaverse and Blockchain, as there is a general feeling that the current IT Act is inadequate to monitor crime. occurs in these ecosystems.

For example, most of the crypto-related offences recorded under the Computer Act and other aspects of the Indian Penal Code deal with financial crimes. This situation has triggered many crypto scams, resulting in huge losses for Indians. Team Asia Tech

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