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Global TV Group research shows how TV drives business outcomes

The compendium gathers research summaries from various countries and covers critical studies as “The Halo Effect: TV As A Growth Engine” (VAB/Effectv), “Not all reach is equal” (Screenforce DACH/Karen Nelson-Field), “TV Drives Advertising Effectiveness that Lasts” (Accenture/thinktv Canada), and “Profitability: The Business Case for Advertising” (Thinkbox/Ebiquity/Gain Theory).

Findings show that within the first fortnight of a campaign, TV delivers on average 23% of media-driven sales, while campaigns with a 70% to 90% coverage deliver the best possible impact in terms of contribution to sales and penetration.

Sean Cunningham, President of The Global TV Group and CEO & President of the VAB, commented: “Advertisers choose TV for the most important role in their marketing plans, that of ‘lead outcomes-driver’. To best achieve the full range of business results – from quickly activating customer traffic at scale to securing brand loyalty beyond reason, whatever is most mission-critical to sales goals and brand goals should be trusted to TV.”

Added Lindsey Clay, CEO, Thinkbox: “There’s an increasing culture of effectiveness in marketing. Outcomes are in. So, this new deck is timely. It shows repeatedly, forensically, and comprehensively TV advertising’s incredible skillset. It demonstrates how TV solves business problems and is packed with the evidence marketers need to prove that TV is a low-risk investment that unlocks growth.” Rapid TV News

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