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Fujifilm releases 4K broadcast lens and zoom rate demand unit

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of “FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM” (UA107x8.4), a 4K-compatible broadcast lens which incorporates a new image-stabilization mechanism in late November, 2021. It is equipped with 107× zoom and also realizes a customization capability. Moreover, the company releases “FUJINON ERD-50A-D01” (ERD-50A), zoom rate demand unit which features a large LCD panel to achieve comfortable operability.

UA107x8.4 which is the renewed model of the popular conventional model with 107× zoom enables comfortable shooting when combined with the ERD-50A.

Today, the use of 4K-compatible video equipment is spreading rapidly in a diverse range of video production including live sports / concert coverage. Envisaging the proliferation of high-definition video, Fujifilm became the first in the world to release a 4K-compatible broadcast lens and has since expanded the lineup of such lenses and their accessories to facilitate users for comfortable video production.

The new UA107x8.4 is a 4K-compatible broadcast lens that offers an ultra-high 107x magnification zoom, covering the focal length range from 8.4 mm to 900 mm. Equipped with the newly-designed image-stabilization mechanism with enhanced performance, the new lens can accurately correct image blurs caused by winds or shaking of the footing without any time lag, providing added stability in video shooting. It is newly equipped with a built-in LCD panel, which allows users to adjust shooting settings in detail.

The ERD-50A is a zoom rate demand unit that features a highly-visible LCD panel and a four-way operation button for intuitive and simple operability. When combined with the UA107x8.4, the unit allows users to choose the zoom curve optimum to a given shooting scene out of 200 options*1 ‒zooming in to an athlete swiftly and accurately for dynamic live sport coverage or delivering ultra slow and smooth zooming into a musician for expressive live music coverage. The unit also carries an AUX button, to which a frequently-used function can be assigned, and comes with a display for checking shooting settings, including functions assigned to the AUX button and the on / off status of image stabilization, whilst shooting video.

Fujifilm is introducing the UA107x8.4 and ERD-50A, which enhance the usability of 4K video systems, to cater to the ever-increasing demand for easier high-definition video production.

The ERD-50A has won the 2021 Good Design Award in recognition of its outstanding performance and easy operability.

FUJINON lenses by Fujifilm are known for advanced descriptive performance, and used in the production of movies, TV commercials, and live sports coverage across the world. Fujifilm will continue to leverage its cutting-edge technology to develop and supply high-performance broadcast lenses and their accessories for enhanced usability, addressing the diversifying needs of broadcast video production. FUJIFILM

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