DRM Transmitters Allow AIR Services Both in Analog and Digital in India

All India Radio (AIR), the public service broadcaster, has a network of 145 MW transmitters with a total carrier power of about 13,000 kW. 98.4 percent of the 1.3 billion Indians receive the MW services of AIR.

Thirty-five of these MW transmitters, of over 7000 kW carrier power, have been replaced with DRM transmitters. Thirty-one of these transmitters are already carrying digital services. The remaining four transmitters are also expected to be commissioned into regular service very shortly.

Two of these transmitters are carrying pure digital services. The remaining transmitters are working in simulcast mode. The service or program, which each of these transmitters was carrying before the DRM replacement, continues in analog mode so that existing radio listeners, who have not yet acquired DRM receivers are not deprived of their favorite service. In parallel, a popular film-based entertainment channel is being provided in digital mode from each of these transmitters. This entertainment channel was otherwise not available to most of the listeners in the coverage zone of these MW transmitters and not even from analog FM transmitters.

Over 50 percent of the population in India and in large areas of bordering countries will enjoy popular AIR programs in digital mode on DRM receivers ?when the four DRM transmitters, which have not yet been commissioned, are also brought into regular service.

AIR services on SW in digital mode in DRM are also available in U.K., Europe, East and South, East and North East Asia, East Africa and Middle-East, Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand.

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