Dish TV Promises Uninterrupted Services In Jammu And Kashmir Via Auto Pay Later

One of the largest DTH operators in India, Dish TV, on Monday announced “Auto Pay Later” service for all its subscribers in the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) region. The move is to ensure uninterrupted TV services to the users since the internet services in J&K is temporarily suspended. And lack of internet means subscribers would not be able to make bill payments. At present, the internet services have been temporarily barred in the J&K region. And this means it would be difficult for subscribers to to make bill payments for their DTH service provider.

Dish TV normally provides “Pay Later” service to all its users. In that service, subscribers get optional three days to recharge/ make payment for their DTH connection. But the “Auto Pay Later” service for the J&K means they would not need to give a miss call, and it’ll be automatically activated for those who fail to make payment within the validity period. Dish TV will ensure uninterrupted d2h service for a period of four days beyond recharge date.

“While there might be temporary and necessary restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir, Dish TV India limited will ensure uninterrupted service to our Dish TV and d2h subscribers in J&K. DishTV and d2h connections will not switch off if any subscriber finds it difficult to recharge their account. We have introduced special benefit of Auto Pay Later facility to our patrons which will provide them continuity in entertainment and current affairs in the present scenario,” said Jawahar Goel, Dish TV CMD, TelecomTalk reports.

The DTH operator recently announced a partnership with a video technology provider Kaltura for its OTT platform Watcho. Kaltura, which specializes in Cloud TV, Education Video Platform and Enterprise Video Platform, will power Watcho. This will include the multi-screen access, video on demand, and time-shifted TV along with third-party content. Dish TV revealed that this will help the company cater to the growing interest of the audience in OTT platforms.

Watcho features live and time-shifted TV along with the video on demand. In addition to this, the platform also features user-generated content that users can upload to the platform. This section tries to engage the more than 23 million DishTV and d2h subscribers. Watcho also claims that it has a large “VOD content library” which includes popular TV shows, movies, and original content.―BGR

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