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Digitization and Disruption

Digitization continues to lead the growth trajectory and consequently bring with it continuous disruption. As the Indian broadband ecosystem matures, the broadcasters adapt and drive business models in a rapidly changing environment for consumption of data and content. Digital space is no longer just about viewing on multiple devices. On-demand viewing is ensuring better entertainment infrastructure and newer delivery formats. OTT apps at competitive subscription tariffs ensure that the Indian viewer receives affordable, effortless viewing experience and flexible viewing options.

On a global level, PwC analysis shows five shifts roiling the industry. The power of youth, the primacy of localized content, the resilience of a new kind of bundle, the deepening of developing markets, the potential for new business models – all are taking place against the backdrop of steadily growing industry-wide revenues. For E&M companies, with the right strategies and insights, the opportunities are legion. And the shifts play to the strengths of companies with big market positions, capital they can invest, strong brands, and strength in understanding local tastes and preferences. If they make the right calls, incumbents can position themselves to capitalize on the next phase of change and drive growth.

The ministry of information and broadcasting has issued the notice inviting applications for private participation of the second batch of Phase-III of FM radio broadcasting. The ascending e-auction, scheduled around September 10, 2016, shall be for 266 channels in 92 cities, which includes 227 channels in 69 fresh cities and 39 channels in 23 existing ones.

The TRAI has recently recommended that digital terrestrial transmission, currently an exclusive domain of Doordarshan, be opened to private players. The mammoth analog transmission network, one of the world’s largest, has severe limitations. Susceptible to radio frequency interference, resulting in poorer reception quality of transmission, spectrally inefficient, and difficulty in reception of signal in portable environment are some of the major ones.

We welcome M. Venkaiah Naidu as the new minister of information and broadcasting. And look forward to meeting our readers at the 3rd Broadcast & Media Technology 2016 being held July 15-16, 2016 at Chennai.

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