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Cable and DTH broadcasting has now emerged into a new track with the development of OTT platforms. This cloud-based technology has twinned both the storage content viewing with VOD options and LIVE TV-viewing options. This has also led to increase in viewership base through various platforms, which in turn has led to increase in advertising tools and techniques.

Broadcasting is no longer restricted to traditional patterns and techniques; but it has added another feather to its cap. With emerging trends, broadcasting industry is the one, which has lots of offers and opportunities to its viewers, advertisers, content creators, and all those who aspire to create something new and interesting.

Capturing the attention of the viewers and retaining it by giving what they need is the need of the hour. The reducing screen-attention time of the viewers re-iterates the fact that whatever has to be done has to be done quickly, with quality and most-liked content. Act smart and fast is the mantra to survive the evolving broadcasting market.

The progressive surge of the broadcasting industry is to be attributed to the growing platforms that are ready to carry content directly to the viewers. Just as the industry is evolving day by day, so are the viewers who are becoming more tech-savvy and smarter day by day. More of in-depth and core analysis has to be laid upon content to be acquired or produced, based on user experience and preferences. This will also lead to revenue generations from end users and advertisers, with a pitch of customized product selling and to keep the consumers engaged and anchored to their content. Mastering the art is the key imperative for broadcasters – attention and analyzing customer demands, recreating the customer viewing experience, and transforming the broadcasting industry with content.

The OTT technology has indeed erased the gap between content and viewers. This has not only benefited the viewers but also the media and content-production companies and advertisers. The ones with a good command over data analytical and application skills are the ones who are going to lead the e-broadcasting market. Just holding a collection of numerous contents alone will not take one to the lead, but applying and making it visible to the right group of people at the right time is of utmost importance.

It is an undeniable fact that OTT technology has given an edge in the broadcasting industry with its numerous advantages. However, when proper content regulations that are in place for television broadcasting apply to web-based content, it will definitely lead to a more ethical and responsible viewing experience. Needless to say, these content regulations will strengthen and reassure the viewers of OTT content.

While content has clearly emerged out to be the winner among all other attributes to success, the same has been variably produced. Some media companies produce content in such a way that it goes on through both the television and the e-broadcasting platforms, whereas some produce exclusive content for OTT platforms. This has made the arena a more transparent and fair one, allowing real talent to make its mark. The rising number of individuals who have emerged as content developers and AVOD content owners is a live example of the ample amount of opportunities the increasing number of broadcasting platforms have in store.

The content, which was just preserved once, has now become a marketable product by way of separate rights exclusively for internet. This has brought in active life to content as well as content owners. As of now, customer and the content is the real king and as long as the broadcasting industry keeps both of them glued, a lion’s share of revenue is sure aligned.

The linear TV-viewing experience has now transformed to more of a personal TV-viewing experience. However, whatever be the viewing technique, the content has always and will always remain the king when it comes to broadcasting. Remember the remote is only a click away and more decisively with the viewer.

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