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Confused entertainment

Entertainment is an important part of life, every human needs entertainment and consume it in some form or the other. Technology plays important part in entertainment in this modern age. Both entertainment and technology are undergoing major changes and majority of entertainment has now become technology based in the last few months around the globe, where complete world is fighting against COVID-19. Let us not talk about core technology, but let us throw some light on changing trend during COVID-19 that how it will affect the media and entertainment industry, according to me. It is true that most of the time people are indoors and are trying to keep themselves isolated, so there is no chance of social gathering and other non-technical forms of entertainment but still some people whose taste is non-technical entertainment always remain confused and try to find ways for their type of entertainment.

When we talk of entertainment with the help of technology, then we will have to say a lot has happened/happening in this field. Entertainment providers are in total dilemma on how to serve entertainment to people and so is the entertainment. Entertainment providers are facing three challenges:

  • How to create fresh content;
  • Platform on which they have to serve it so that it reaches maximum audiences; and
  • Last but not the least, how to earn profit out of it.

When we talk of how to create fresh content. Entertainment providers are already exhausted of new content and to create fresh content they are facing many challenges like availability of people to make content, following social distancing norms, availability of funds, and security of employees/people involved in making of content.

Content makers are in total dilemma these days on how to proceed and create what they actually want to create and serve the people with content of their choice, and consumers are bosses who actually decide the performance and remuneration.

Platform on which content is to be served and making money out of it is big question as most of the multiplexes, live theaters, and other gathering spots are closed and serving new content on TV may not earn that much profit. And all these hurdles are creating hell lot of confusion in the entertainment industry. Amid all these confusions, everyone (customers, entertainment providers) are finding only one way in form of OTT where they can release content and customers can enjoy it indoors. But the entertainment industry is also undergoing some other changes as well in terms of technology, this COVID-19 situation is giving birth to one more trend of moving servers to cloud instead of maintaining physical data centers, which will actually give rise to more opportunities for engineers in future. Cloud servers are easy to maintain remotely and when one has to maintain all stuff remotely then either he/she sits in office or do work from home it is one and same thing. Hence, the work-from-home trend is developing round the globe and many employers are really appreciating it, as it will further help in saving various maintenance costs in an office. Thus, we can say 2020 is year of big transformations for the media industry.

To conclude, we can say from the last few years, we are only talking of OTT and it was gradually becoming loved form of entertainment, especially among youth. But in the last few months OTT has taken over many forms of entertainment like multiplex and live theaters and has become popular among people of all age groups.

OTT is a portable form of entertainment, which moves with us and is also available with us in form at one fixed place. We do not have to wait for entertainment when we talk of OTT, it is readily available with us in the form of OTT applications, the only thing which we need is internet connection and entertainment is available with us anytime.

Thus, we can say that in all this confusion, a lot has changed in the entertainment industry and this is the era of entertainment everywhere. Entertainment providers have to ensure their presence in each and every form of entertainment to be in race.

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