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Comcast boosting speeds

Broadband provider Comcast is delivering another speed bump to its customers in Massachusetts and 13 other northeastern states. On Monday, the company said it will increase upload speeds for five of its service tiers and boost download speeds for three of them. Customers who currently get the company’s 50- and 100-megabit service won’t get faster downloads but will see their upload speeds doubled. Those who pay for 200-, 400- and 800-megabit service will get sizable increases in both upload and download speeds. It’s part of a trend that’s seen broadband speeds increasing nationwide. According to figures from the broadband monitoring company Ookla, the typical US landline Internet connection got 31 percent faster during 2021 as Comcast and other carriers boosted average download speed from 110 megabits per second to 144 megabits. The company also said it’s adding Apple TV Plus to the roster of streaming video services that Comcast customers will be able to watch through the company’s Xfinity cable TV service. Apple joins many other streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, which can be accessed through a Comcast cable box or a smart TV running Comcast’s XClass software. Boston Globe

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