Anritsu and TRX Systems Partner to Create Network Test Solution

Anritsu Company and TRX systems, have entered into a partnership. Anritsu’s handheld analyzers are integrated with a 3-D indoor location and mapping solution from TRX Systems to create automatic geo-referenced RF signal mapping solutions. The MA8100A series NEON signal mapper simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required for indoor signal testing, making it an ideal solution for professionals

The MA8100A uses TRX Systems’ NEON tracking unit along with NEON signal mapper software to deliver real-time 3-D location information for indoor test and measurement applications. The TRX NEON signal mapper solution can be configured with any Anritsu handheld instrument that features a spectrum analyzer including the spectrum master, LMR master, site master, BTS master, cell master. and VNA master models.

Integrating the TRX Systems’ NEON signal mapper’s capability to automatically collect geo-referenced test data with Anritsu handheld analyzers provides numerous benefits. It eliminates the need to manually perform check-ins at each test point by automatically calculating indoor location, so much more data can be gathered.

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