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150 million devices with Google-Android TV

At CES 2023 this week, Google shared an update on how many devices are currently using Google TV and Android TV, with 150 million devices in the hands of users. Google also provides an update on his Android TV and Google TV growth, as the company rolled out some new features for his Android this week. According to Google, the Android TV OS, the underlying platform for both Google TV and Android TV experiences, has 150 million monthly active devices. This total applies to all of them, not just Google TV or Android TV devices.

This is probably due to Google’s own devices like his Chromecast and in large part his very successful TV from TCL. The news comes as CES 2023 brings more new Google TV hardware, including upcoming TCL Q-series devices, new short-throw projectors, Hisense TVs and more.

Also, some users may have multiple Google TV devices, so there’s no direct conversion to total users. Either way, this is solid growth over the past year. By January 2022, Google had announced that the Android TV OS had 110 million monthly active users. That’s about 35% growth year over year. The last time Google released these stats, he managed 30 million new devices in about seven months, and this time it took him a year to reach 40 million. Still, it’s clear that Google has successfully grown the platform. BollyInside

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