ACCESS CO., LTD and Foxxum GmbH have announced a collaboration to offer cost-effective, high quality User Interfaces (UIs) for multi-platform services based on Linux for Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The joint solution enables operators in emerging markets to offer competitive, next generation smart TV user experiences (UXs) that rival Android TV and proprietary solutions. At launch, the solution has already been adopted by Latin American operator MP3 for TV platforms designed by Diggio, Innova, Global, Hyundai, Nakamichi, Icesa and Ecoline. 

The solution is based on ACCESS’ Chromium-based NetFront Browser BE for Android pre-validated with the Foxxum TV App Store and launcher and pre-integrated into the TV hardware itself to maximize the capabilities of each device and deliver a unified experience for all services. The flexibility of the solution enables Foxxum to customize the launcher for each operator, creating a fully branded environment that caters to different audiences. The launcher includes local content alongside the Foxxum App Store, which gives access to over 1 billion video titles across multiple content providers. It is already available in 36 languages for a wide range of Smart TVs from over 50 different manufacturers. - BCS Bureau