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4K HFR Cameras

FT-ONE  High-speed camera designed for sper slow motion capturing at 4K resolution upto 900fps with global shutter.

Blackmagic Design Routecorp Digital Film Cameras URSA captures epic cinematic 4.6K images with 15 stops of dynamic range.
URSA Mini is a lightweight miniaturized URSA featuring  4.6K Super 35 image sensor with a massive 15 stops of dynamic range.
Micro cinema camera is a digital film camera that features built in RAW and ProRes recording, 13 stops of dynamic range and an MFT lens mount.
Live Production Cameras Studio camera features lightweight magnesium alloy body with massive 10” viewfinder, 4 hour battery, talkback, tally indicators, phantom powered microphone connections, and SDI or user installable optical fiber connections.
Micro Studio Camera 4K includes features such as built in color corrector, talkback, tally indicator, PTZ control output, built in microphones, backup battery, an adaptable MFT lens mount and B4 lens control output.
Ikegami AGIV High Definition Cameras HC-HD300 is a full digital HDTV portable camera system which incorporates fiber system to provide an overall cost-effective studio and field solution. Docking style camera body provides system flexibility.
HDK-55 a full digital HDTV portable camera system that features newly developed FPGA with advanced full digital process ASIC.
HDK-5500 an ultra low-light 3CMOS HDTV portable camera. It employs a unique optical system with three High speed sampling CMOS sensors which make it possible to achieve full motion color video even with ambient illumination of less than 0.001lux.
HDK-65C a full digital HDTV portable CMOS camera which incorporates newly developed FPGA for video DSP.
HDK-79GX is a state of the art full digital HDTV camera with superior picture quality and high reliability for studio and field HD production. It incorporates a newly developed FPGA together with advanced full digital process ASIC to achieve outstanding picture performance.
HDK-97A is a 16-bit full digital processing and 3G transmission for highest picture quality. It employs high performance progressive sensors & incorporates newly developed FPGA for video DSP. It supports 60p and 4:4:4 3G HDTV formats.



Next-generation, highly affordable camcorders record amazing HD quality on widely-available SD cards.

Panasonic VTIPL News/Studio Cameras A wide range of high-quality camcorders to meet virtually any application, from 4K/UHD and P2 HD.
Cinema 4K Camcorders VariCam 35 features superb image handling in multiple formats ranging from pristine 4K RAW to 4K, UHD, 2K, HD and ProRes formats making it an unparalleled tool for high-end filmmaking.
Recorder/Players Panasonic offers a range of recorders, drives and workflow tools to speed up your production.
Red Digital Cinema Camera Company

Cineom Broadcast India Pvt. Ltd.,

Professional Cameras Weapon Brain with Helium 8K S35 sensor  captures 35.4 Megapixel motion and stills. Coupled with 60–75 fps, it  provides the advanced VFX solution. It also supports interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts.
Weapon Brain with Red Dragon 6K sensor is the integration of the new DSMC2 intelligent OLPF system. It offers the  upgrade path to the 8K Red Dragon sensor.
Red Epic-w Brain with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor  captures 35.4 Megapixels images. It features  interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts.
Weapon forged CF 6k brain capture motion and stills in 6K 2.4:1 at up to 100 frames per second (fps), or 6K full format at 75 fps.
Scarlet-w brain deposit offers 13.8 megapixels of resolution for creative control, special effects, and post-production.
Ross Video VTIPL Cameras Acid cameras are designed for HD performance in any studio production environment. They offer resolution, sensitivity and signal to noise ratio, plus unique ultrachromeHR outputs for chroma key applications.
Pivot cam offers low cost and high performance image capture with PTZF.
Sony Delta4Cast Pvt. Ltd Cameras HDC-P43 is a lightweight Point of View (POV) style camera that integrates with existing HD infrastructure, lenses and accessories, with an option to create the  4K and slow motion productions.
HXCFB75KC an affordable three 2/3-inch Exmor® CMOS sensors SD/HD studio camera with viewfinder, monaural microphone and 20x zoom lens features system camera designed to work with the HXCU-FB70 fiber interface camera control unit, sold separately.
HXCFB75H an affordable three 2/3-inch Exmor® CMOS sensors SD/HD studio camera features HDVF interface for viewfinder cable connection and supports portable HDVF viewfinders and new OLED HDVF viewfinders.
HXCP70H is a compact Point-of-View (POV) HD multi-purpose camera for a wide range of applications that require full HD-quality images to be captured at angles or locations difficult for traditional HD cameras.
HDC4300L  a 4K and HFR Live camera system is an extention of our HD camera line up.