Lighting Solutions

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ARRI Cineom Broadcast India Pvt.Ltd., Pooja Electronics SkyPanel Available in three sizes: the S120, S60 and S30. SkyPanel is brighter than a 1 kW tungsten soft light or a 3 kW tungsten space light.
L-Series This series incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field.
M-Series Products in this series features the  patented MAX reflector. The MAX technology enables lens-less, focusable lamp heads that unify the advantages of a PAR and a fresnel providing maximum light output.
LED Software ARRI lighting service manager  updates firmware, download service logs from the fixture, change DMX and fan mode settings and much more.
Daylight It offers fresnel and open-face fixtures ranging from 125 to 18,000 W.
Canara Lighting   LED Fresnel Spot Day Light & Warm Light 200W and 400W delivers uniform light across the entire beam from spot to flood. Its brightness is controlled through DMX and manual mode, and integrated dimmer.
LED Panel Day Light, Warm Light & Bicolour 90W, 180W and 300W LED Panel delivers uniform light across the entire beam. Available in spot & flood version.  Its brightness is controlled through DMX and Manual mode, and integrated dimmer enables smooth dimming.
LED PAR RGBW, Day Light, Warm Light & Bicolour 54x3W LED PAR delivers uniform light across the entire beam. Available with 7 channels.  Its brightness is controlled through DMX and Manual mode.
LED Cyclorama Light RGBW 150W LED Cyclorama light delivers uniform light without any hotspot to lit up cyclorama screen uniformly. Lighting fixture having 30 selected colours pre-programmed.
LED Profile & Zoom Profile, Day Light & Warm Light 200W & 300W LED profile and zoom profiles provide very sharp spot. Gobo & gobo holder provided. Brightness is controlled through DMX and manual mode.
LEDGO Technology Limited Yasuka Corporation Versatile LED Light Series LG-V58C is light and flexible with battery option and waterproof for easy portability
LED Fresnel Lighting Series LG-D600C with 170*280*145mm dimension and power source of 100-240V input and 15V6A output
LG-D1200M Weighs about 52KG with color temperature of 5600K and power source of 85–264V AC, 24V.
Studio  LED Light Series LED Studio Light LG-600MS incorporates DMX control, with professional LCD screen and Internal 2.4G remote receiver, with WIFI-2.4G control box to be controlled.
On Camera LED Light Series LG-B560C is Portable design , ideal for movable studio. High CRI supply perfect light. Suitable for microfilm, live video, talk show and interviews.
LG-B560  uses Use professional and selected LEDs, flicker-free with constant current and dimmable.
LG-168S  features seamless built-up design and  switchable dimming signal connection.
LG-160S features the cool and correct daylight balanced and multiple power supply.
Lightstar Electronic Yasuka Corporation LED LED Lite 200 incorporates advanced LED optical technology applied in film TV drama series and events.
LED Lite 40  is integrated with advanced LED optical technology applied in film TV play auto show and exhibition illumination projects.
HMI Fresnel 18KW/24KW HMI features special optical design system improved efficiency of light output.
200W HMI is corrosion-resistant and high-strength aluminum material, light with  portable and better heat dissipation.
Parlight 1200W Superspot incorporates  aluminum alloy material for easy operation corrosion-resisting heat resisting with different lens meeting different lighting effects.
575W Superspot features optical lens with special design, integrated different special output beam.
Lightstar Electronic Co. Ltd. Yasuka Corporation Gorgeous Parlight 575W   comes with adjustable lighting effect it will be compatible and substituted for various special lens of traditional Par Light.
1200W/1800W adjust light from wide to focusing angle to meet various requirements.
2500W/4000W are corrosion-resistant and high-strength aluminum material.
Flood lights 1.2KW/1.8KW  is available in two different sizes of focusing bulbs meet various requirements and adjustable lamp holder.
1.2KW/1.8KW  is available in two different sizes of focusing bulbs meet various requirements and adjustable lamp holder.
Manfrotto Yasuka Corporation LED Lights SKU MLUMIEMU-BK includes a 6.4mm thread to attach accessories and is rechargeable via USB cable.
SKU MLL1500-D is a portable LED with 1600 lux at 1m with new surface mount LEDs.
SKU MLSPECTRA2 gives 5600K light, adjustable with gel filter set with bright light.
SKU MLUMIEART-BK  is portable in size mean. This 6 LED lights provides high quality color rendition.
SKU MLMICROPRO2 includes a gel filter set with no flickering and incredible dimming control.
Redilux   Ultra High Intensity Fluorescent Luminaire – DMX FluoroBeam is a directional soft light giving almost parallel beam intensity, ideally suitable for High Definition and Standard Definition television and videography solutions with high quality, cool beam.
Tungsten Halogen The entire unit is packaged in high pressure cast aluminum case with aesthetically appealing appearance and efficient cooling system. The luminaire offer brilliant light with its multi-facetted dichroic reflector and ultra clear double lens
Rosco Barbizon Lighting LED Soft Lights Silk 210 LED produces a high volume of broad-spectrum white light. With TLCI, CRI and R9 metrics in the high 90s.
Silk 110  produces a volume of broad-spectrum white light – up to 2400 Lux at 1M – while maintaining its soft and diffused light output.