Video Switchers

Principals Distributers Offerings Features
Bon Electronics Setron India Private Limited Video Switchers BVS-100  offers 3 SDI and 2 HDMI input, which accepts 4 inputs simultaneously.
Data Video Pooja Electronics 6 Input Rackmount HD Switcher SE-1200MU HD video switcher enables user  to switch between video sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly.
6 Input HD broadcast quality switcher SE-2200 consists of 6 HD-SDI video inputs or with a combination of 4 HD-SDI and 2 HDMI inputs.
Channel Digital Video Switcher SE-2800 is a cost-effective,broadcast-quality switcher. Featuring 8 or 12 digital and analogue inputs.
SE-500 is a compact and light weight, four channel analogue input, digital processing video switcher with both S-Video and Composite Video inputs.
SE-600 is an eight input standard definition video switcher, with built in dual channel audio mixer.
For-A AGIV(I)Private Limited   HVS-2000 video switcher offers 2ME/3ME and 4 Melite ME’smaking it a powerful switcher with 7 ME capabilty.
HVS-110/100 is a high performance  portable 1 ME switcher.
FA-505 is 5 channel up/down convertor frame suynchro, and other signal processi features. It support 4K,HDR,WCG.
Ikegami AGIV, Delta4cast HDTV/SDTV Switcher CSS-400 is a transportable system for small-scale image production, supporting a wide range of applications from simple switching to program production.
HSS-200 is designed for small-mid broadcast applications in the new digital era.
HSS-300 support HD/SD multi-format and offers 1M/E, 8 input / 8 output to 2M/E and 24 input / 12 output configurations to meet various system requirements.
The HSS-3000 is designed with consideration of the transition to DTV, either HD or SD-SDI signals can be assigned to each M/E, with simultaneous operation available in one electronic frame.
Panasonic Visual Technologies India Pvt Ltd Compact Live Switcher AW-HS50N switcher,four HD/SD-SDI inputs & one HD DVI-D input; Built-in MultiViewer; Chroma Keyer; Aux Bus; 1080/24p support.
HD/SD Multi-Format Live Switcher AV-HS410 is compact & versatile with nine inputs, expandable using option boards to 13 HD/SD inputs.
Production Switcher AV-HS6000 is a 2-M/E live video switcher with 32 HD-SDI & 2 DVI-D inputs; 16 HD-SDI outputs.
HD/SD Switcher AV-HS450 with 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs.
SAM   Video Switchers Kahuna is the flagship medium to large production switcher in the market, it raises the bar for multi-format operations, supporting any combination of SD, HD, 1080p (level A & B) and 4K, eliminating the need for external conversion.
The new Kula switcher combines a powerful feature set with a market leading price point. Ideal for multiple applications, from live events (flyaway packs, OB vehicles), broadcast production, sports, to entertainment and conference/events.
Sony Delta4Cast Pvt. Ltd. Switchers The DMX-P01 digital mixer is a lightweight and portable field mixer developed for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP).
XVS7000 HD is a video switcher with 4K and IP live production capabilities.
XVS8000 is a flagship 4K/3G/HD/SD multi-format video switcher.
MVS3016APAC is an affordable HD/SD Multi-format switcher with advanced new control panel.
MVS3000APAC is an affordable HD/SD Multi-format switcher with advanced new control panel.