Principals Distributers Offerings Features
4CPlus CMS Computers NRCS Low cost NRCS with all latest features like smart phone App, advanced stories search, MIS tools, social media integration and Whats app intergration
Aveco   ASTRA News This interfaces with most NRCS systems in use today via a MOS gateway. The system manages the stories and rundowns and updates Astra. Also  sends real-time status back to the NRCS system.
Avid   Newsroom Management iNEWS is a core element of the complete Avid story-centric workflow, serving as the  center of content creation and distribution.
iNEWS command manages news playout by linking it with newscast rundowns.
MediaCentral UX is a cloud-based, web front end to the Avid media central platform.
Dalet Ideal Broadcasting NRCS Dalet News Wire  covers all the needs of a newsroom, from scheduling, job assignment, wire ingest, scripting to social media integration it  delivers efficient tools that fully integrate into existing workflows.
Digital Navigation CDM Technologies NRCS NewsGlobe is the MOS-compatible newsroom computer solution for cross-media newsrooms that lets journalists upload news content from anywhere using any Android and Windows-based smartphone, as well as any desktop computer running on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
Etere Pte Ltd. AVF News Playout System Etere solutions manage the end-to-end media lifecycle of broadcast and media enterprises.
Octopus CMS Computers   Advanced story script features standard scripting features, such as calculation of the duration of spell checker, Octopus 8 also offers additional advanced functionalities to ease the work of each team.
Ross Video   NRCS Inception news  is a browser-based newsroom content and editorial system that places social media integration right into the center of news production, and enables content collaboration by being designed to work anywhere, from the newsroom to the field.