Republic TV and Business Television India (BTVI) have entered into a strategic alliance for content and programming around Union Budget 2018.

The Republic TV – BTVI alliance promises to offer viewers a distinctive experience. In the days ahead, both partners will work together to combine their respective domain knowledge and skill sets around Union Budget 2018 programming.

BTVI COO Megha Tata said, “We are very excited about this association. Republic TV’s credibility in news coverage and BTVI’s expertise in English business news space will create a unique proposition for the viewers of Union Budget 2018. With the two forces joining hands, I am very confident about delivering an all-around perspective to our viewers.”

Republic TV CEO Vikas Khanchandani said, “Union Budget 2018 is the most anticipated Budget, with major announcements expected one year post-Demonetization & GST implementation. Republic TV along with BTVI will bring together leading financial experts across sectors, think-tanks, global investors and the country’s best editorial minds to present the most insightful and sharp perspective of the Budget.” – Indian DTH