iTV Networks owned English News Channel NewsX had witnessed slew of strategic changes and the move has added many positivity to the channel as per the recent findings of data and analytics firm Chrome DM.

NewsX had revamped its look with a refreshing logo last week. This strategic exercise has was received well by the audience as the study conducted by Chrome On-Air Presentation that measures on-screen factors like look, feel and program packaging has shown overwhelming response from its samples. Moreover, NewsX also got a major boost in its distribution with the launch in DD Freedish – the first ever private English News channel in the public DTH platform.

n the recent past, Many channels like Big Ganga has witnessed significant increase in viewership after being placed in DD Freedish and placement of NewsX on DD Freedish is likely to give the channel considerable increase of reach that might translate in to numbers later on

“NewsX’s revamped look denotes a happier, more vibrant stance. News instead of noise is the need of the hour, and the channels that believe in this philosophy will be the eventual winners. According to Chrome On-Air Presentation, a tool that measures on-screen factors to optimize content, the new look has found favour with our panel of respondents. They have also taken steps to improve their distribution, especially in the south market, where their OTS has seen a substantial increase. The channel’s presence on the Freedish platform as the first English News channel is indeed a turning point for the genre.” – Pankaj Krishna, Founder & CEO, Chrome DM.  

After the revamp and its efforts to imporve its distribution in South Market, The data released by Chrome DM shows that NewsX has witnessed considerable surge in OTS. The Comparison between week 22 to 23 shows that the channel has seen 16 percent increase of OTS in Kerela (< 1L) and 10 percent surge in Kerala (10-75L), In TN and Pondicherry < 1L the OTS of NewsX increased by 12 percent. In Bangalore the OTS of NewsX increased by 9 percent while in Karnataka (<1L) its grown by 8 percent. In AP & Telenagan (<1L) market the Channel’s OTS increased by 8 percent. – TVNews4u