Marking a paradigm shift in television advertising, SureWaves MediaTech has announced the launch of Skynet, a programmatic television advertising marketplace. 

While programmatic advertising has been prominent in digital media, it is yet to gain ground in television media. Driven by data, programmatic advertising empowers broadcasters to market their air-time inventory on a platform where advertisers have access to available slots, and can make their purchases. 

SureWaves MediaTech Chairman and Managing Director Rajendra Kumar Khare said “The software Skynet will enable intelligent decision making that allows advertisers to schedule advertisements based on the target audience for a given time slot. It allows advertisers to address their campaign objectives more effectively, and broadcasters to use air-time efficiently.”

Skynet is set to go pan-India in the next 12 to 15 months, and has already made its debut in the Tamil Nadu market.

According to an IDC research report, programmatic television is witnessing a growth of 200 percent. “In the next four years, 12-13 percent of television will go the programmatic way. Hence, to stay on par with global projections, we hope to seize at least 10-15 percent of the total volume of transactions in the space in the next five years,” said Khare.

The company plans to take the solution to international markets after having it suitably deployed in India, which as per the CMD couls be around a year. SureWaves raises its Series B round of funding to the tune of $5-7 million in 2014. On further fund-raising plans, he said, “After we see the initial momentum for Skynet, we foresee a need to raise funds for further expansion. However, we don’t intent raise any funds in the near future.”  - Deccan Herald